A race like no other

Challenge your friends in an epic city adventure like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, where you must crack clues and complete challenges as you race to the finish location. 

We’ve curated a list of races for you to get started, or you can design your own race from our pick ‘n’ mix of We Clue challenges. We’ve literally got hundreds to choose from!

From quirky photo challenges and wacky dares to cracking complex codes, answering trivia questions on the run and solving interactive lateral thinking puzzles, We Clue guides you on a ridiculously fun adventure to discover secret areas of your city.

Choose a race, choose your team, start racing!

Choose Your Race

Small groups, digital clues and physical distancing ensures We Clue is COVID-safe.  There are loads of pre-designed races and challenges to suit any adventure:
  • Family Fun
  • City Exploring
  • Team Building
  • Hens & Bucks Party
  • Health & Fitness
  • School Groups
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Amazing Features

  • Selection of curated races to choose from
  • Create your own custom race from scratch from our pick ‘n’ mix challenges
  • Races vary in difficulty and duration to suit all ages
  • Play as a solo team or against friends
  • Automatic live race scoring
  • Step-by-step and live GPS tracking to help your team navigate between challenges
  • Share your experience across your social media accounts
  • Get outdoors, have fun, be healthy and explore hidden areas of your city


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